Dr. Drutman Interview

Jazz at Joe's Sponsor Spotlight

Dr. Jeff Drutman/Central Oregon Radiology Associates, P.C.

Lisa Dae:  So how long have you been in business?

Jeff Drutman:  CORA’s been in business since 1947 in Central Oregon.  I personally have been with them about 24 years.

Lisa Dae:  Now is CORA owned by partners?  Or how does that work?

Jeff Drutman:  The partners own it. It’s physician led.  Almost all of the radiologists there are partners.  The ones who are not partners have just joined.

Lisa Dae:  What do you like most about the business that you own and why is it important?

Jeff Drutman:  Well, you go into medicine because you want to help people, or at least you should, and that’s why I went into it.  And I think that the physicians that I work with at CORA that that’s the bottom line is to help patients when they come in for imaging, or we do a lot of invasive procedures most of the public doesn’t know about.  The most satisfaction that I get personally is making someone feel comfortable in a situation that otherwise would be very scary.  They often show up with a bad disease, and they’re facing the prospect of, either a long imaging study or a procedure that we’re doing on them that they have anxiety about.  So (helping them feel comfortable,) that’s satisfying.

Lisa Dae:  Sponsorships are plentiful, what prompted you to sponsor Jazz at Joe’s?

Jeff Drutman:  Our company has always sponsored various organizations, mostly local, in different categories:  health care organizations, organizations for children, for disadvantaged people, and one of the things we love to support is the arts.  I could speak for myself that the arts are important for people’s personal health and also the health of the community.  So it fits right in with our sponsorship, trying to support organizations that help people’s health.

Lisa Dae:  I see a common theme with our sponsors.  I have great admiration for Joe and what he does, and it’s become clear to me that the people who are sponsoring the show, this group of people who have that common theme (to help people) and it’s pretty neat to be a part of that.  There’s so much that happens behind the scenes.  With everything going on in the world today, there’s a lot of good stuff happening.

Jeff Drutman:  No question about it.

Lisa Dae:  So you are a piano player, is that right?

Jeff Drutman:  Yes. I played classical piano since I was 4, and I had a long hiatus; and at one point I got back into classical playing in my adulthood.  Several years ago I was watching a YouTube video.  I heard a jazz pianist out of St. Louis by the name of Peter Martin.  He was doing these 2-minute jazz piano lessons, and I immediately said, ‘I want to play like that!  And so the story goes that I went down to see Joe to see if he had a book called The Jazz Piano Book,’ and I think I want to get that book. And he got it!  When I went to pick up the book, Joe said something like ‘welcome the journey,’ meaning that this is going to be a multi-year journey!  To me classical music is a wonderfully expressive medium, but the beauty of jazz is improvisation.

Lisa Dae:  I was going to ask, what do you like about jazz?” But I think you just answered it!

Jeff Drutman: I think so!

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